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the future in our hands the new oneatrackaday album

The future in our hands the new Oneatrackaday album

In the new Onetrackaday release, 'The future in our hands' by our award-winning composer Francesco Cerrato, you will find the soundtrack for your video, film or commercial, that will elevate your stories, enriching them with pathos, sweetness, emphasis and delicacy...

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production music webinar organised by fem 2022 21st june

Production Music Webinar organised by FEM - 2022 21st June

Do you produce videos? Do you choose music for your productions?
Are you interested in discovering the world of Production Music?

To answer all your questions and curiosity about Production Music, FEM (the Federation of Music Publishers) has organised the free webinar, “PRODUCTION MUSIC - La Musica delle Immagini”...

sponsorships, events, partnerships
do you know the numbers of the record industry

Do you know the numbers of the record industry?

Are you interested in the economics that Music is able to move? Do you want to deepen the interconnections between Music andfinance?
Together with the Unione Industriale and SETI of Turin Machiavelli Music is organising the panel La musica, un’industria da scoprire open to all...