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ruth and alex soundtrack

Ruth & Alex Soundtrack

Rainbow child, City stomp and The way you are became the soundtrack to the Italian version of Ruth & Alex movie trailer...

figaro for ikea

Figaro for Ikea!

The notes of Figaro’s cavatina Largo al factotum, reknown masterpiece taken from Gioachino Rossini’s The Barber of Seville from CPM are the soundtrack to the latest IKEA advert...

artists and composers
Claude and Jean Marc Challe present SPA Dreams

Claude and Jean Marc Challe present: SPA Dreams

Hot Desert Wind
and Heart and Soul by St. Project, Ancien Devotion by Entalia, Sunset in Santorini by Vincenzo Ricca, No Man’s Land by Aurys, Return to the mountain by Yoshi Akoon are the Machiavelli tracks featured in the Challe brothers latest creation: SPA DREAMS - relaxation...