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artists and composers
full moon for piano live in hong kong

Full Moon for Piano, live in Hong Kong!

The Sheung Wan Civic Center Theatre in Hong Kong will soon host a concert fo renowned pianist and composer Luciana Bigazzi and Maurizio Colonna, a most influential and eclectic guitarists and composers...

artists and composers
atari teenage riot

Atari Teenage Riot

True Berliners by birth, anarchists by volition, forever moved by their anti-nazist commitment, since 1992 Atari Teenage Riot have been producing music tiptoeing the line between digital hardcore and “sound terrorism”, as a crossover between punk hardcore and techno hardcore...

icon cosmic threat

Icon Cosmic Threat

Epic atmospheres with an high emotional impact, orchestrated live for unique recordings… let them lead you into the world of Icon Trailer Music, don’t miss the latest release...