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machiavelli for Armani

Machiavelli for Armani

Tree Pop by Jonathan Dagan is the soundtrack to the latest corporate video Armani just launched on the web...

so dieco ti spieco

So' Dieco ti spieco

Cartoon Romp, by Harvey Cohen is the soundtrack to the radio catchphrase that evolved into a Made-for-tv 3D cartoon...
So Dieco ti spiego (I'm Diego, l'll explain)...

machiavelli for Emporio Armani

Machiavelli for Emporio Armani

Chill-out atmospheres brought by the notes of Sunless by F. Gerard and G. Small, for the premiere of the latest Titanium Watch Collection, an Emporio Armani creation...

machiavelli for QVC

Machiavelli for QVC

The Machiavelli sound accompanies every video broadcast by renowned and highly followed QVC Italia tv channel...

music by machiavelli for Prosciutti Ferrari

Music by Machiavelli for Prosciutti Ferrari

Lessons of the heart by Timo Spekkens and Thomas Zbornik, published by Machiavelli Music, accompanies the poetic images of Prosciutti Ferrari's latest ADV campaign Le ali del sapore (on the wings of taste)...