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the right music for an advertising campaign goes straight to the heart

The right music for an advertising campaign goes straight to the heart.

"Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable', said Leonard Bernstein.
And if this is true for a film, it is even more true for an ad, where the choice of the soundtrack is even more fundamental than the script or the choice of images.
Pietro Giola, CEO of Machiavelli Music, reflects on the issue of creativity in advertising in this particular historical period...

believe in yourself with maxandco

"Believe in yourself", Max&Co's invitation in music

The R&B notes of Believe in yourself by Willie Aron and Joey Peters, transport you into a world of gritty femininity with strong references to the energy of Black Power, and transform the new Max&Co commercial more than a promotional message into a strong invitation to choose the Brand as a lifestyle, in a communication whose strength is openly based on the music that accompanies it, with its lyrics...

machiavelli music for the new jeep commercial

Machiavelli Music for the new Jeep commercial!

Rock notes and pure energy in the form of music drive the new cars in the Jeep range which, to the notes of Slapback by Timothy Bryson and Patrice Irving (Machiavelli Music / Megatrax), promise the spectator of the new commercial that his beliefs about the car will soon be revolutionised...