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dab digital radio

DAB - Digital Radio

It’s on air, on TV, Radio and the web, the new advert for DAB Digital Radio featuring Steve Sechi...

machiavelli for Armani

Machiavelli for Armani

Tree Pop by Jonathan Dagan is the soundtrack to the latest corporate video Armani just launched on the web...

music by machiavelli for Prosciutti Ferrari

Music by Machiavelli for Prosciutti Ferrari

Lessons of the heart by Timo Spekkens and Thomas Zbornik, published by Machiavelli Music, accompanies the poetic images of Prosciutti Ferrari's latest ADV campaign Le ali del sapore (on the wings of taste)...

machiavelli for Plasmon

Machiavelli for Plasmon

Machiavelli crafted an instrumental rendition of the renowned historical jingle for Plasmon, the unforgettable Fortissimissimo sarò by Maestro Giancarlo Colonnello...