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we are all friends of the river

We are all Friends of the River

On the night oh december 30th, 2016 arson destroyed the hangar where all the boats belonging to Circolo torinese Amici del Fiume were stored. An inexplicable, cruel act that caused over 200000 euros in damages to the Circle and deprived the athletes of any chance of training...

machiavelli for FAO

Machiavelli for FAO

Three tracks from Machiavelli Music are the soundtrack to the video presenting the From protection to Production project...

machiavelli for charity

Machiavelli for charity

Machiavelli supports S.C. Pedriatric Oncology of the IRCCS Foundation (National Cancer Research Institute), granting them free use of the Quiet Moon track by Jan Rap, Lensink e Tenty...