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really slow motion

Really Slow Motion!

Epic music with an high emotional impact from a label that is already a must have, among trailer makers for hollywood bloockbusters!

Taste Really Slow Motion sound, watch North Men – A Viking Saga trailer...

elias music

Elias Music

A catalogue characterized by its variety of genres and styles, with Elias Music our repertoire grows of 230 more albums...

amphibious zoo

Amphibious zoo

Amphibious Zoo is the latest addition to the Machiavelli roster: 54 volumes filled to the brim with an enthusiasm for music research and innovation...

so dieco ti spieco

So' Dieco ti spieco

Cartoon Romp, by Harvey Cohen is the soundtrack to the radio catchphrase that evolved into a Made-for-tv 3D cartoon...
So Dieco ti spiego (I'm Diego, l'll explain)...