music at high altitude

Music at high altitude!

Machiavelli Music supports again CHAMOISic, discover the playlist dedicated to the project.
This year Machiavelli supports CHAMOISic, a festival of "other music at high altitude" now in its twelfth edition in 2021...

audio attack

Audio Attack

If you are looking for a cinematic sound for your production, discover Audio Attack, a Warner Chappell PM catalog, exclusively distributed by Machiavelli Music in Italy...

the job of the music publisher today focused on pietro giola

"The job of the music publisher", today focused on Pietro Giola.

Today Pietro Giola is the focus "The job of the music publisher", a format created by FEM (Federation of Music Publishers) and the music magazine Rockol, since 1995 the first reference site for music in Italy.
The goal of the format is to turn a spotlight on the world of authors and publishers...

artists and composers
music for monorail discover the sound of onyricons concept album

"Music for Monorail": discover the sound of Onyricon's concept album

Today, just 60 years after the inauguration and the first journey of the Alweg monorail, which took place on 1961 May 6th, "Music For Monorail" is released by Machiavelli Music.
A concept album of electronic music produced, composed, arranged and performed by multi-instrumentalist Luca Onyricon Giglio, and published by Machiavelli Music...