machiavelli music for the new jeep commercial

Machiavelli Music for the new Jeep commercial!

Rock notes and pure energy in the form of music drive the new cars in the Jeep range which, to the notes of Slapback by Timothy Bryson and Patrice Irving (Machiavelli Music / Megatrax), promise the spectator of the new commercial that his beliefs about the car will soon be revolutionised...

creo project reaches its final phase

#CREO project reaches its final phase!

The long work of musical creation of #CREO started a year ago: a year of meetings and exchanges between young musicians protagonists of the project, musical experiences and artistic productions that have seen the light, in the heart of artistic residencies, located in Artemista, sometimes even interrupted by the events that we are living in this year so deeply marked by difficulties and discontinuity... but today finally #CREO project reaches its conclusion...

bibliotheque music

Bibliotheque Music!

Bibliotheque Music and Machiavelli Music sign an exclusive distribution agreement for Italy. Music publishers, supervisors and composers have come together to give life to this ambitious music project...

our music for movies

Our music for movies!

Classical music from our label Chesky Records for the movie “Tesla” with Ethan Hawke. Again a placement of our music for the movie that in 2020 celebrates the 164th anniversary of the birth of Tesla...