Music Consulting.

We got time for you!

Choosing the most fitting score requires time, energies and resources.
Use our search engine, or contact us to get customised selections, we're always available to give you a tailor-made music consulting.

Are you a creative?
Do you need an audio track?

Upon your brief we'll suggest to you the best music contents. Our focus is on your creativity, your budget is our starting point.
For you an artistic music consulting and selections based on brief, storyboard, animatic.

If you are looking for the music tracks for your project we will analize your idea with you, we'll propose our audio search and suggest the contents most in line with your needs.

Looking for help on music rights?
Can we be of help?

Do you wish to use a famous track and don't know how? Did you experience any issue with music rights?
We take care of music clearance and third parties rights negotiation, worldwide.

Don't worry about it, trust our music consulting service.

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